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All applications must first be registered through the Monash Council Registration and Enrolment scheme through the portal on their website before 30th June  the year prior to commencement.

Phone (03) 9518 3530

Email kinderenrolments@monash.vic.gov.au

For a tour of Pinewood Preschool please contact the Enrolment Officer enrolments@pinewoodpreschool.com.au

Preschool Enrolment Policy

Three and Four Year Old applications are made through the Monash Central Registration and Enrolment Scheme. Please note that attendance at a three-year-old kindergarten does not guarantee a placement at the same kindergarten for the four-year-old program.

Applications are prioritised, offered and confirmed in mid july of the year prior to attendance. The Procedure for Acceptance of Enrolments into the Pre-School for 3 and 4 year olds is as follows: -

NOTE: As guided by the Department of Education, priority will be given to children who fall into the ‘High Priority’ category for a year of funded four year old Kindergarten.

As directed by Monash Council, the Pre-School will initially offer places to children of residents and ratepayers in the Monash municipality whose applications for enrolment have been received by 30th June the year prior to commencement. They will be allocated in the following order of priority:

  1. High Priority Placements: including referred children at risk of abuse or neglect including children in out-of-home care; Children in Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander families; Assylum seekers and refugee children and Children with additional needs who are either approved for Kindergarten Inclusion Support or referred by relevant organisation (Access guidelines for vulnerable families as cited in the The Kindergarten Guide 2017 – DE)
  2. Repeating Child:  Repeating children, who are receiving government funding, are to be put to the top of the list (teacher must recommend repeated year).  Please note: Children are only funded for one year of 4 year old kinder unless the teacher recommends a repeated year.
  3. Current Child: Families with a child currently enrolled in Pinewood Pre-School, may be offered a placement for that child for the following year. (i.e a 3y/o enrolled child may be offered a 4y/o placement providing they are still in the Monash municipality) Please note that attendance at a three-year-old kindergarten does not guarantee a placement at the same kindergarten for the four-year-old program.
  4. Family Affiliation: Families with a child currently, or previously, enrolled in Pinewood Pre-School,in the last three years may be offered a placement for a sibling, providing they are still in the Monash municipality. (If a family does not have a child enrolled, but have previously attended Pinewood Pre-school, they will also qualify for the Family Affiliation preference)
  5. Residential Proximity: Of the remaining Monash applications, offers will be made to families in order of residential proximity to the preschool (ie preference will be given to closest residential distance to the preschool) Proof of residency may be required.
  6. As directed by Monash Council: Non-Monash residents may only be offered a place in accordance with the priorities above, once all Monash Families, who applied before 30th June the year prior to commencement, and nominated Pinewood as their first preference, have had the opportunity to respond to a formal offer.
  7. Late Applications: (i.e. received at Council after the 30th June the year prior to commencement) will only be considered after Priorities 1 – 5 above have been applied. If there are still places available, they will be offered following the order of priority above.Other applications may be considered on approval by DE. Those applicants may be required to pay full fees as they may not fall within the criteria for funding.